impermanence for yours

by mouton

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released August 3, 2016

recorded by Jason Kearbey in his basement
mixed by Jason Kearbey and Josh Moore
songs written by Pete Mouton
drums by Joseph Wilson
bass by Brett Travis on tracks: 2, 4, 5 & 6
lead guitar by Calvin Todd on track 2
"Who am I?" by Jackie Chan on track 6
photo by Calvin Todd



all rights reserved


mouton Springfield, Missouri

Pete, Joseph, Calvin, Loren, Addie, ...

tryin' to find god


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Track Name: Antichrist
"Run w/ it, baby. You live too brief to think about it.
If you think you need it leave & chase it down.
On any of your given heydays you could lose it all
to emptiness so find yourself and someone else
you think you need to know all too well. The
greyhound leaves the bus spot for your fate.
There’s a window seat for you all times of the day."
Don’t ask me where she’s gone, for the reasons
v how long." All I said was, "run with it, baby.
Your capital is losing out to naturally selected
Oligarchy plutocrats. Sell yourself & your things.
Your bound buy them back again off lizard men
you thought were handsome friends. In the year
2016 I thought 'why do I need diamond rings, a
house for ten, amongst other things I don't think
I need to love my other one?' The greyhound
leaves the bus top for your fate. There's a window
seat for you all times of the day." Don't ask me
where he's gone for the reasons v how long. All I
said was "Run with it, baby. The carpet's moving
out from under, the cancer's spreading through
and over me." Don't ask me where I'm gone for
the reasons v how long. All I did was run w/ it,
Track Name: Fear & Trembling
The strange parade is getting dull and the
arrowheads impact my skull and it's like
nothing. It's all base to me right now, I
guess, we'll see. The blood balloons are
tied with strings held not by omnipotent
ghostish things, not teleological, you see
and eternal sword hangs above my head
no virtue absurdly, a single thread. I
accept that. It's all base to me right now,
I guess, we'll see. Here I stand
unamused of worldly flesh I could refuse,
but here I am and that's all I can do.
Track Name: Tightrope Walker
The acrobatic dreamer has perplexed his mighty head
chasing his pain he stares at the ceiling
smoking in his bed, where he lies awake at night
& still through the day he's ~yet sure he likes,
but lays there anyway trying to sleep,
but stuck in a dream. You try to sleep,
but are stuck in a dream. Hold on
you're coming to the tightrope's still
in front of you. Acrobatic dreamer,
you're a tightrope walker. Walk the tightrope
& humble me to epiphany the arrogance
and naiveté of assuming efficiency
in distinguishing the rest from me. But
it's ~thing like it used to be
& I'm feeling like I have that need
to stay up at night & still through the day
I've come to terms I like
living out the nightmare in a life.
Track Name: Anxiety
The feeling that will~ let me be
is getting in the way of me & most
the time I say I'm fine, but the
other day just was~ right. Anxiety
is getting in the way of me. I think
about the way I speak as a guest to
friends I've yet to me. Please like
me. It helps, it does, when you're
around to calm my feeling way
down. I just wanna feel someway
that I do~.
Track Name: Decay
Fit me w/ a kiss on the head,
tell me in a whisper, kneel on
down unto my ear. "Let's
decay away & rot together.
But ~until we dance at all the
parties, ~until the milk is gone,
~until we break and bend
what's left of these leaves,
~until we ache for dying. Hold
me by the hand leading me
down where you hope to be
put in the ground. Do a dance
in the leaves atop the future
you. Spit, laugh, & weep.
Track Name: No Self
"Who are you?!" My sense
of self is oh so crude today.
Having only looked the other
way, what do I know about
me? What you see are
shadows of me. Conscious
for my debase. Falling out
of my own face. When I think
of me; a guise too thick to be
true hiding me from you. You're
shadows are me. I need
validation. Give me some
interpretation. "Who am I?!"